Our classes are currently $27-$31 (depending on location) per 30 minute lesson, per student. Please check for specific pricing under each location. You are charged for holding a spot in class ongoingly, not per attendance.

If you wish to continue after your trial lesson, a permanent enrolment includes a one off membership fee  and the monthly Direct Debit from your nominated account.

The monthly direct debit will be automatically charged on the 25th of every month to pay for the next upcoming month. We accept payment by Bank account and most Credit Cards. A credit card fees will apply to all card payments. No fees will be charged if you are using your bank account.

Cancellation can be made at any time however it must be before the the 25th of the current month to ensure you will not be charged for the following month. Any unused makeup lessons after cancellation will be forfeited and any remaining credit will only be valid for 2 months to use towards payment of future swimming lessons. Membership fee will be required upon re-enrolling.

We always do our best to accommodate your needs and special circumstances.

We’d love to hear from you!