About Us

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We aren’t just another big aquatic centre with thousands of people where you are just a number. We are an exclusive chain with a limited number of places for swimmers. We cap the number of classes and children in each class to ensure that we pay the right amount of attention to each child and their progression. We get to know both you and your child and take time to form a relationship, which in turn, makes it easier for us to teach and make sure that your child gets the most out of their lessons. This also allows us to provide the feedback that you need to help your child outside of swimming lessons.

We are open year round (yes, even through school holidays) because we believe that practice makes perfect, and too many weeks off can hinder progression. But don’t worry, we offer make up lessons for those holidays and illness days.

About Us

Why Us?

There are so many options regarding swim schools, why would it be better to come to us? Well, firstly, we have smaller class sizes. Maximum 6 babies in the baby levels (with parents), maximum 3 children per beginners class, and maximum 4 for the older, more advanced kids.

Our pools are treated with OZONE which means that we get to use less chlorine, leaving your and your childrens’ skin and hair in much better condition, as well as reducing irritation in eyes and for asthmatics.

We also spend time getting to know you, and with that knowledge we will be able to better facilitate your child’s specific needs. We use positive reinforcement and celebration of milestones to see to it that your child wants to come back each week.

Our pool is heated all year round, to a very comfortable 32 degrees during summer and 33 degrees in winter.

We have been in the swimming industry for over 15 years.

About Us

Our Story

Future Swim was created by people looking to create the perfect environment for young people to learn the all-important skill of swimming. The owners have their own children who had to learn swimming as a number in a big aquatic centre which they felt was not conducive to fast progression nor enjoyment. The creator of the brand has worked with babies and children for over 16 years in the swimming and fitness industries and is passionate about creating the right environment, customer service, and encouragement for all children and parents. She has run other swim schools which have become very successful in a short span of time. Together, their aim is to foster a culture of care and understanding for all those that come through the doors, not to mention, they are all a bit clean-obsessed and needed to create a place that is clean, bright and inviting.

About Us