Sure! Come in to see the facilities. We offer trial lessons so you can try us out without any commitment of having to pay the membership fee and permanently enrolment.

Of course it is! We have to follow the state laws in regards to chemical levels and safety of water. We also test the water and equipment every 3 hours to ensure that everything is operating as it should. We also have an OZONE purification system which makes our water virtually drinkable. It’s also heated to 32 degrees which makes it an ideal environment for comfort and learning.

Lessons cannot be paid for on a casual basis. The 2 class payment options are. 1. Prepayment packages - where you can purchase a 12-week block of lessons upfront swimming once a week. You will be reminded to pay for another 12-week block 2 weeks before your current package expires if you wish to continue your permanent enrolment. 2. Monthly direct debit - where you will be automatically charged on the 25th of every month to pay for the next upcoming month from your chosen bank account or credit card. Completion of cancellation form is required before the 25th to stop the direct debit payment for the following month.

Yes, we do offer make up lessons subject to Future Swim's make-up policy

-Make-up lessons are valid for 31 days only from the date that the notified lesson was missed. -Unused make-up lessons after this time will be forfeited -Make-up lessons cannot be backdated, transferred, extend lessons past your “paid to” date, or reduce a Direct Debit payment -Make-up lessons cannot be booked past your package expiry date, if you do not pay for another package then you will no longer be enrolled and therefore all remaining make-up lessons will be forfeited. -Cancellation of membership will result in the forfeiture of any unused make-up lessons -Make-up lessons are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee specific teachers, days, or times -If a make-up lesson is missed, it cannot be re-booked it will just be a missed lesson -Doctor’s certificates are advised for extended illnesses to receive credits/extension of packages.

3 months is the earliest that we can have your child in the lessons. We do recommend waiting until their 4 month injections if you want to be extra careful.

If you are going away you can mark absent on the Thinksmart portal and then you have 31 days to complete your make-up lessons beforehand or up until 31days of the date of the class marked absent, however you will need to continue to pay to hold your spot. Unfortunately we cannot put your account on hold and save you a spot in your current class without payment. If you do not want to continue paying or you won’t be able to complete your makeup lessons within 31 days you will need to cancel out. If you still have classes remaining we are able to put a credit on your account for you to use when you re-enrol back in. The credit will only be kept on your swimming account for 2 months and a $40 membership will need to be paid upon re-enrolling.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds if you simply do not like the lessons. However we offer the first lesson as an no obligation trial so if you do not like the lesson after your first go, you do not have to sign up. If you are unsure we suggest you go with the monthly direct debit option. You will just need to submit a cancellation before the 25th if you do not wish to continue for the following month.

Yes. Our pools are heated to 33 degrees in winter and 32 degrees in summer to make it nice and warm for you and your child.

We use chlorine which is monitored every couple of hours, as well as a state of the art OZONE system. The combination of dissolved ozone with UV light creates AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). This forms the most reactive agents known to chemistry.

Yes, we also have hairdryers so you can leave cleaner and dryer than when you came in. This is especially great for winter. No wet hair out in the cold.

Unfortunately, no. Our lessons take up all of the day, and we do not allow anyone to use the pool recreationally. It is strictly for lessons only.

We believe that all class levels are worth the same value, and that no client should pay more or less than the next. It’s all about being fair. Our classes are currently $26-$29 per 30 minute lesson depending on location. After your trial lesson, if you are wanting to permanently enrol there is a $40 membership fee, which includes a swim bag and either a pair of goggles or Happy Nappy + Prepayment package or monthly direct debit. Lessons cannot be paid for on a casual basis.

Unfortunately none of the lessons are transferable or refundable unless there is an extenuating circumstance which will need to be discussed with the manager. You cannot suspend lessons, you will need to cancel and rejoin at a later date, as we cannot hold places.

Yes – our philosophy is to have the same teacher each week as this is the best for your child’s learning. We encourage you to attend your normal lesson to ensure consistency as make-up lessons may be with a different teacher. Whilst we do endeavour to maintain the same teacher, the reality is that there are also times when teachers do change. We work hard to ensure that the delivery of our lessons are consistent and aligned with the Future Swim program, so the learning to your child is not compromised in these instances.

We have a maximum of 6 in the parent/Baby classes, maximum 3 children in the beginner classes and a maximum of 4 in the independent and super classes.

With learning any skill, whether you are a baby, child or adult, there are many varying factors that can impact on how quickly or slowly you learn. These factors include the time spent learning/practicing each week, the amount of effort put into each lesson, the built-in capabilities, how afraid of the water you are, and how many classes are missed.

No. We believe that consistent practice is key to progress. We run classes all year round with a small break at Easter and a 2 week break at Christmas (because we need a break sometimes too).

We keep the same teachers on the same days as much as possible, however as most of the swim teachers are students, when their University timetables change, that can change their working days. We also have replacement teachers if your usual teacher is unwell or on holiday.

You can practice bubbles and breath control in the bath or even a sink or bucket of water. You can practice all the other skills on dry land such as paddles, kicks and big arms.

Yes! This means that all our staff have had to do an industry standardised course and training hours. We also take extra time to train our staff in the way we like to teach. All staff have to also have a valid working with children check and CPR

Yes we certainly do accept active kids vouchers and first lap vouchers. Please note we can only use the vouchers for customers who are permanently enrolled in for a minimum of 8 weeks, as per the Service NSW website, in order to use them. Vouchers are NOT refundable.

We believe that all classes are worth the same value, and that no client should pay more or less than the next. It’s all about being fair therefore no discounts currently apply for multiple children.

Each level has set skills the teachers are aiming to achieve with each child in each level. Assessments are conducted monthly by the Swim school manager or supervisor however the class teachers are encouraged to notify the manager or supervisor if they feel that a child is completing the skills and the assessment is more than 2 weeks away. We love to promote the children, but if you feel that you think your child needs assessing, or would just like some feedback about what more they can do to move up, have a chat to the teacher or manager and they will happily help. You can view the required skills for your child’s level and what ones they have completed on the Thinksmart portal.

Definitely not! At Future Swim we use our own equipment such as noodles and kickboards. We do not believe that floatation aids help with progression and can do more harm than good when it comes to water confidence, or false water confidence. For more information on this please call us to discuss.

It increases your child’s confidence and will assist with swimming and skill progression.

Of course! Upon sign up, we will get you to fill out an enrolment and consent form to photos. This is part of the child protection policy. You also need to get verbal permission from the parents in your child’s class if you would like to take photos of your own child during their lesson.

While the swim teaching industry is reasonably dominated by females, sometimes we will hire male teachers. It is wonderful to have some diversity on the team as well as the certain ways of teaching for our students.

Absolutely. We recommend having 2 weeks off after they are inserted, and then wear both earplugs and a head wrap to keep them dry during the lessons.

There is no strong evidence to suggest that swimming lessons will make asthma worse. Studies suggest that swimming may have a beneficial effect on lung function, general fitness and asthma symptoms. The amount of chlorine is less than other pools based on the OZONE purification system, and the warm humid air acts as a giant humidifier.

We believe that there are reasons behind it, when children are not being their usual well behaved selves. We try to get to the root of the issue whether it be a tough night, being too hungry to swim or just not a good day, and try to fix it that way. If behaviour is unsafe or repeatedly disobeying the teachers instructions we will set a warning system in place. By the third warning, the child will be sat on the side of the pool for a bit of time out, until they are ready to return to the class. (Usually only long enough to miss one turn of the activity.)

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