Baby Lobster

Completed Jellyfish level based on competency and skills however are not yet at school.

These children have usually come up from the Jellyfish level, but are not yet at school, which allows them to be able to stay in lessons in the mornings progressing on their skills but still with similar preschool aged students

At this level we teach them the basics of freestyle arms, breathing to the side and advancing their back kick into a streamline position. They are classified as competent independent swimmers. There are a maximum of 4 children in these classes.



Competent independent school aged swimmers who have graduated from Jellyfish level or can swim 10 metres unassisted and able to take a breath on their own as well as float and kick on their front and backs independently.

This level has a maximum of 4 children and we focus on learning the techniques of freestyle arms, side breathing and back streamline kick.



At this level swimmers have graduated and completed Lobster Skills. We start to teach Freestyle bilateral breathing and Backstroke swimming a distance of 8-10metres.


Our Swimmers

Our swimming babies program is for children from 3 months to 3 years old bonding with Mum or Dad in the water. Levels are age- and ability-based.