Our membership form includes a signed acknowledgment to confirm that you understand and will abide by these policies.

Please note that Future Swim is a private, members only facility, and children may only begin lessons once membership has been accepted.

Your child will be placed in a class and will attend on the same day and time each week.

A position in a class is only secured when it is paid for in advance, including the membership fee, using one of the two payment options set out below. Payment in advance guarantees your child’s position in the allocated class each week. We do not hold places without payment or accept part payments.

Enrolment is then ongoing until at least 2 weeks notice of cancellation is given.

Memberships and lessons are not transferable to other people including family members, and cannot be refunded or credited unless the JUMP! Swim School is at fault.

Future Swim offers a 10% discount for the third sibling onwards (e.g. if a family were to have three children, there would be a 10% discount applied to the third child’s block of lessons, whilst the first and second child’s lessons would remain full price). A 10% discount is also offered for children who swim two or more times per week. In this case, the 10% discount would be applied to the second block of lessons, while the rest of the block would still be charged at full price.

Being a private facility, we have a once-off membership fee for all new enrolments of $25.00 per child which provides the child with a membership pack.

The membership fee is due and payable upon booking your child into lessons and is non-refundable.

Future Swim Schools fee structure is calculated on a ‘Cost per Lesson’ basis. It is based on 1 lesson per week. The two payment options available are:

payment via monthly direct debit or
full upfront payment for a 12 week block

No payment shorter than 12 weeks other than by direct debit will be accepted. For insurance purposes, we require all customers to be paid in advance.

This option requires you to complete a registration form for Ezidebit to be set up. Please note the additional fees charged for direct debit on the Ezidebit form. A deduction will be made from either your nominated bank account or credit card on a date as set by the Swim School on a monthly basis. The direct debit amounts payable may differ depending on how many lessons there are in the period being charged for (for example if monthly it may be 4 or 5 lessons). Membership is ongoing and direct debits will continue until a completed cancellation form is received by the JUMP! Manager Swim School Manager.

Commencing mid-month

If you are commencing lessons mid-month, the remainder of weeks in that month will need to be paid upfront, along with your membership fee, to align with the scheduled direct debit payment date.

First payment

An additional 2-week deposit will be added to the first direct debit which acts as a safety net in case of any technical issues with the direct debit banking system. These lessons are then taken upon receiving the required two weeks notice of cancellation (see below).

Please ensure that your direct debit request is completed in full and handed to the JUMP! Manager prior to the first of the month. You must also advise of any changes to your account as they occur.

Declined Payments

If a direct debit payment is declined by your bank, the outstanding payment is due immediately upon arrival at your child’s next lesson or your child will not be able to participate in the lesson.

Should a debit fail Ezidebit may charge a dishonour fee as outlined in the Ezidebit terms and conditions. If an automatic direct debit is returned 3 times, all direct debit privileges will be cancelled.


Should you wish to discontinue lessons, a completed cancellation form is required to be received no later than 2 weeks before the required date of cessation. The timing of the notification of cancellation will determine the dates of the 2 lessons that were paid in advance. For example, if the Direct Debit for the current month has already been completed and a cancellation form is received, the two advance paid lessons will be taken in the first 2 weeks of the following month. There are no refunds available.

Direct debits will not be cancelled during school holiday periods.

This option requires the upfront payment for a 12 week package of lessons prior to your child’s first lesson. We accept payments by cash or credit card. Membership is ongoing with an invoice provided each 12 weeks, payable 2 weeks before the expiration date of the current 12 week package. Alternatively, a cancellation form can be provided at this time to advise of an intended cancellation, thereby giving the required 2 weeks notice

We do not want your child to miss out on a lesson if they are on holiday or unwell!

There is a limit of 2 make-up classes per 12 week period whilst enrolled at JUMP! Swim Schools.

To qualify for a make-up lesson, JUMP! must be notified of a swimmer being absent at least 30 minutes prior to the class commencing. Make-up classes can be booked up to one week  in advance and can be used at any time while enrollment is financially active (*see below). If a make-up lesson is missed, it cannot be made up. A cancellation of your enrolment will lead to a forfeiture of all unused make-up lessons on your account.


  • Make-up lessons cannot be used to extend lessons past your “paid to” date.
  • We do not guarantee makeup lessons with specific teachers and cannot always offer your preferred time.
  • If you have make up lessons available and advise of your cancellation 2 weeks in advance, you are required to use these make ups within the 2-week period. If you do not and cancellation has occurred, you will forfeit the makeup classes.
  • Where JUMP! Swim Schools elect to close for Christmas and public holidays you will not be charged for closure days and a make up lesson is not required.
  • If you miss a private lesson, the make up lesson will be in a group class.
  • *In some cases due to class availability some swim schools may not be able to book a make up class more than 48 hours in advance.
If 2 classes are missed and there has been no communication from the family JUMP! reserves the right to cancel the membership. Any unused lessons, including the 2 week deposit payment, will not be refunded.
If a group class has one or two students in it, JUMP! Swim Schools reserves the right to consolidate or cancel that class. Opening days and hours may change at any time.

In both cases, Jump! Swim Schools will provide at least one week’s notice and staff will work with you to re-schedule your lesson to an appropriate time.

JUMP! Swim Schools does not guarantee teacher request and a teachers schedule may change at any time.

Reusable swim nappies are required for hygiene reasons as any faecal incidents can result in pool closure. All children under 3 years of age must wear a reusable swim nappy. Older children who still require a nappy outside of swimming lessons  must also wear a reusable swim nappy.  It is recommended a disposable swim nappy or adjustable swim nappy also be worn under the reusable nappy to further minimise any incidents.

It is recommended that parents/carers wear a rash vest in the water. This assists the child to gain independence through reaching for and holding the shirt instead of the parent having to always lift and hold the child.

Can I take photos of my child in their swimming lesson?

At Future  Swim School we welcome you capturing the special moments of your child on camera or video, however privacy of others must be respected. If you wish to use a camera and video at this swim school it is conditional upon the following:

  • If you capture an image of another child or individual, you must have all relevant individuals (or their parents) consent to use images
  • You do not broadcast or publish images or video footage without consent
  • If you capture a private conversation of others when using a video camera or mobile phone, please respect the moment and either delete the footage or obtain all relevant individual consent to retain, use or broadcast the footage;
  • Under no circumstances are cameras, video cameras or mobile phones to be used in change room areas or showers;
  • You agree to comply with any request by Future  staff to discontinue use of your camera, mobile phone or video, and to delete requested images or footage, where Future  staff reasonably consider that you are not considering or respecting the privacy of others under this policy.